Hunter Biden Invested In Nuclear Firm

( Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is pretty much only known for his various scandals at this point. And just as you thought they couldn’t get much worse than his corrupt business deals and penchant for drugs and prostitutes, a new report just suggested that Hunter may have invested in a nuclear power plant in China that is now experiencing a radioactive leak.

The China General Nuclear Power Corporation plant was revealed this week to have experienced a leak that posed an “imminent radiological threat.” The situation is being monitored by the United Nations nuclear watchdog after the French partner that co-owns the plant reaching out to the White House to advise about the situation and seek assistance.

The French partner, Framatome, also reportedly told the White House these the Chinese safety authorities had raised the acceptable radiation limits outside of the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in the Guangdong province to bypass the issue and allow it to continue running.

This is the kind of thing we last saw in the days of Chernobyl…the 1986 nuclear major accident caused by reactor design flaws that have left the region uninhabitable to this day. Funnily enough, that nuclear accident was also caused by communists…

Shockingly, it turns out that Hunter Biden has a financial stake in the Chinese Communist Party-run operation. The National Pulse reports that the China General Nuclear Power Corporation takes in millions of dollars in investment from BHR Partners, a private equity firm that Hunter Biden has served as directed at ever since 2013. The firm gave $10 million to the Chinese nuclear energy organization when it first went public.

CGN, the nuclear energy company, is also still listed on the BHR Partners website, and Hunter Biden has yet to divest from the company despite multiple promises.

Does Hunter Biden have a single normal, non-controversial investment?