Hunter Biden Has Map Of His Mother’s Birthplace On His Back

( Breitbart revealed more disturbing information about Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, using information obtained via his famous laptop.

The conservative news outlet reported how Hunter Biden appears to have named his “corrupt, Chinese-linked shell company Skaneateles” after the town where his late mother was born. Pictures obtained from the famous “Laptop From Hell,” which Biden abandoned at a Delaware computer repair store, show that he appears to have a map of the area tattooed on his back.

Skaneateles can be found in New York state, situated between Rochester and Syracuse. The name translates to “long lake,” and the region is home to one of the Finger Lakes in New York.

You can see the tattoo in the tweet below. It almost looks demonic.

Breitbart reports that Hunter Biden, through the Skaneateles company, profited from the sale of a U.S.-owned cobalt mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The sale went through for $2.65 million.

What is Hunter Biden, who has no background in mining, doing profiting from the sale of a cobalt mine in the Congo?

Chinese investors, who Breitbart said have very close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, ultimately found themselves with the majority stake in the profitable mine, thanks to Hunter Biden’s efforts. Biden ended up with a 10% stake in the mine, which he sold to China Molybdenum.

When the Biden family is actively working to benefit Chinese investors, how can we expect the Biden administration to be acting in the interests of the American people?