Huffington Post Operative Secretly Followed Republican Women, Spied On Them

( It has been uncovered that a self-described comedian, and former unpaid writer for the Huffington Post who now runs a web of political blogs with little traffic, has been hunting down and harassing female conservative political pundits.

Anna James Zeigler of the Federalist enquired on Twitter if anyone knew someone named James Schlarmann. She claimed Schlarmann saw a tweet of hers that allegedly provoked him. He tracked her down on Facebook to inform her that she was the one with “issues.”

According to a report, Karol Markowicz of the New York Post received a similarly bizarre note from James Schlarmann, who referred to the Jewish commentator as “KKKarol.” Markowicz suggested those who read a tweet they don’t like and subsequently message you on another site have severe problems.

Will Ricciardella, a Fox News editor, claimed he’d been getting identical notes from the same writer for a decade.

Schlarmann tried unsuccessfully to convince the users he allegedly stalked to report his harassing tweets in a Facebook post, reports claim.

A news source has shown that several more women who had been approached by Schlarmann came forward with their own tales, but none of them wanted their messages published for fear of reprisal.

A Step Too Far Media, LLC appears to own Schlarmann’s websites, the majority of which appear to receive no traffic. One of his websites, The Political Garbage Chute, is the world’s 4.9 millionths most popular website. His other website, The Pastiche Post, isn’t even in the top 14 million most visited websites globally. His news websites don’t seem to be performing any better, ranking just as low as his other sites, according to reports.

Further research showed that even the landing page linking to the different sites on the “A Step Too Far Media” website returns a 404 error for each domain rather than the actual websites. A 404 error code means the requested item could not be found.
The website’s goal statement, according to Schlarmann, is to produce compelling, memorable content for both our internal and external customers.

Sometimes, the jokes write themselves.