Huckabee Defends Trump In Incredible Way

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee recently told Newsmax that former Fulton County DA Fani Willis deserves to be disbarred and all charges dismissed in the election meddling case involving former President Donald Trump.

He made the statement following a court filing by Michael Roman, a former official of Trump’s 2020 campaign and a co-defendant in the case.

Roman faces indictments for alleged first-degree conspiracy violation of the Georgia RICO Act, conducting forgery, making false statements and writing, impersonating a public official, and submitting fraudulent papers.

According to reports, Roman claimed that Willis should be removed from the case, and the charges against the defendants dropped due to her secret relationship with a married special prosecutor. Willis selected special prosecutor Nathan Wade to help secure the grand jury indictment against Trump in Georgia.

Reports show the special prosecutor and DA could be held accountable for RICO charges since Willis hadn’t been dishonest about her alleged relationship with him while paying for his services on the Trump case with money he allegedly used for lavish vacations with the DA.

According to Huckabee, no reasonable court would find this case to be legitimate. Given President Trump’s history with the legal system, however, the focus seems to have shifted from right and wrong to just ‘getting Trump.’

The fact that taxpayers are footing the bill, according to Huckabee, is what makes the whole thing so shameful.

The Newsmax interview showed that the ex-governor of Arkansas said Willis is a political operator who attacked Trump for personal and political reasons while secretly using the opportunity to support her lover financially and take him on expensive holidays.

Court records obtained by media outlets show that the district attorney of Fulton County, Fani Willis, paid her purported lover, Nathan Wade, more per hour to work on the case involving former president Donald Trump than she did to hire the top racketeer experts in the state.