Hospital Deletes Tweets About Nurse Who Passed Out After Getting Vaccine

( In December of last year shortly after the COVID vaccines were first available, nurse manager Tiffany Dover from the CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee received her COVID shot and about 17 minutes afterward, while participating in a televised press conference, she grew dizzy and fainted.

After recovering, Dover told a local news outlet that the dizziness hit her “all of a sudden,” and she felt disoriented and collapsed. Dover later told WTVC-9 that she was fine and the pain from her injection site was gone. Dover also explained that she has a condition that causes her to faint when she feels pain.

At the time, doctors said that Dover’s fainting episode was not related to the COVID vaccine. Though, later, the CDC instructed those receiving the vaccine to wait at least fifteen minutes to ensure no dizziness occurs.

Naturally, the internet exploded with conspiracy theories over Dover’s collapse.

In fact, the conspiracies grew so outrageous – with some internet sleuths claiming that Dover had later died – that CHI Memorial Hospital and members of Dover’s family felt it necessary to confirm that Tiffany Dover was still alive.

Dover’s sister-in-law posted on Instagram that she was “disgusted with people right now,” adding “TIFFANY IS ALIVE AND FINE.”

Some lunatics even called the Chattanooga Police Department demanding to know if the police were investigating whether Dover was alive or dead. A spokesman from the Chattanooga Police told the Daily Beast that they aren’t involved because “there’s no crime, no death, no nothing.”

Several days after Dover fainted, CHI Memorial released a video on Facebook of Dover at the hospital with other staffers holding signs with the day’s date. The Daily Beast posted a tweet from Chattanooga reporter Josh Roe who shared the video CHI Memorial posted.

But because Josh Roe has since deleted the tweet, the Dover’s Dead Truthers believe that it is proof that Tiffany Dover isn’t actually alive and well.

But removing posts and a video from social media doesn’t make the posts or video untrue. Unless of course, the Dover’s Dead Truthers think that the video was removed because Tiffany Dover did die, only she died later long after she was filmed very much alive.

Of course it is equally possible that the hospital removed the video because it was no longer necessary to debunk the conspiracy theory that Tiffany was dead so they just took it down. Or maybe Tiffany asked them to remove it because she was sick and tired of being the subject of a bunch of nosy Parkers and their online conspiracy theory.

And, really? Who can blame her?