Home Slides Off Of Cliff On Video

Two houses in Utah deemed uninhabitable by authorities over the weekend were seen on camera as they plummeted into a canyon. 

According to FOX 13, both properties were constructed by EDGE properties and have been walled off since the assessment in 2022. 

A home’s corner dipped up to 10 inches, and fissures appeared in the foundation and patio concrete only a few months after construction. When such changes started, EDGE said that “unique geographic features and the soils on which they were constructed” were to blame. 

In October 2022, officials informed homeowners that both houses were unsafe to live in due to shifting earth, which ultimately caused the houses to tumble down the canyon. 

Incredible footage captured early Saturday shows one of the Draper houses south of Salt Lake City slowly drifting backward after the garage seemingly cracks apart. 

In another scene, one house in the middle of a row gradually lists backward and then speeds down the cliff. 

Homes on both sides of the properties that slid have been condemned and evacuated. The city of Draper stated on Sunday that signs and fencing had been erected around the affected homes. Draper City Police are keeping an eye on the impacted area.

Visitors are discouraged from coming anywhere near the slide. 

As long as the city monitors and evaluates the newly condemned residences’ stability, the area’s municipal-owned hiking trails will remain blocked.

Authorities in Draper, Utah, said people had ignored the signs, entered restricted areas, climbed over fences, etc. Due to safety concerns, authorities have asked that the public vacate the area. Violators may be subject to citation.

Even though they weren’t living there at the time, the owners of one of the homes told FOX 13 that they were upset by the collapse because it meant that their things, including photo albums and keepsakes, probably didn’t survive the slide. 

A representative from the local government said that efforts to reach EDGE had been made “for months” to address engineering studies concerning the area’s stability. Occupancy permits for the structures were canceled by Draper officials in December 2022. 

The new owners had to move out less than a year after paying $900,000 for one of the houses.