Home Destroyed By Squatters Who ‘Know The System’

Officials in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, claim that police evacuated ten persons after they unlawfully occupied and destroyed a high-priced residence. 

Mike Fisten, an investigator with the Broward Property Appraiser’s office, said the house is infested with bugs. The walls have cracks. The glass panes are broken.

Seven men, two women, and a kid were evicted from a property on Seabreeze Boulevard by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office last Tuesday after it was revealed that they had been squatting there. After arresting Tyrone Jones in October, who they believe was the ringleader of a title fraud scheme, police were able to expose the criminal enterprise.

Jones allegedly made up a person to take over as executor of the $1 million Fort Lauderdale property so he could steal it. Jones is accused of fraud on the order of $14 million over 14 more houses in the vicinity.

According to Broward County Property Appraiser Marty Kiar, the landlord has allowed tenants who did not own the property to stay there.

According to Fisten, the squatters “know the system” and remain in the building until the courts evict them.

A Seabreeze Boulevard neighborhood resident contacted Kiar’s office after hearing about Jones’ arrest in the media to report that he had come home to find his home broken into during the night.

This stranger was at the foot of the bed in our bedroom. The guy said he entered the room. His wife was screaming.

After the burglary on February 27, 2022, local officials caught Kevin Bosley, but it wasn’t until almost a year later that the homeowner realized the culprit was living in a stolen home.

After being placed on an ankle monitor, Bosley was allowed to return to his Seabreeze Boulevard residence. On Tuesday, when officials took him and nine other inhabitants, he still wore the ankle monitor.

Kiar said the community might suffer when someone takes a house, not just the individual whose home was stolen.