Hollywood Now Claims Sean Connery’s James Bond Was A Rapist

(JustPatriots.com)- Nothing is sacred in Hollywood. Political correctness and social justice politics are so prevalent that even the director of the latest James Bond film is claiming that Sean Connery’s James Bond, probably the most famous James Bond in the history of the movie franchise, was “basically a rapist.”

Cary Fukunaga, the director of the latest movie “No Time. To Die,” is believed to have been referencing a scene from 1965’s “Thunderball” in which 007 meets a nurse named Patricia Fearing. The nurse rejects Bond’s advances, pushing him away as he kisses her.

When she later begs Bond not to tell her boss about it, he responds, “Well, I suppose my silence could have a price.”

Okay, so it’s not something that would go down well on television or on the big screen these days, but is it fair to call the most legendary spy in Hollywood history a “rapist”?

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Fukunaga suggests that Sean Connery’s Bond character “rapes a woman.”

And just in case you were going to give the director the benefit of the doubt and consider this a genuine reflection on how attitudes have changed…think again. Fukunaga is going full woke in the latest film, telling the Hollywood Reporter that female characters in the newest movie will be empowered to “give them equity.”

Not equality. Equity.

The new movie will finally premiere at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 28 September, 2021, after being rescheduled repeatedly owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.