Hockey Game Halted Abruptly After Angry Fans Throw Trash on Rink

Hockey and soccer are known worldwide for having the most passionate and ravenous sports fans. 

This was fully demonstrated in game three of the Western Conference Hockey Finals in a game between the Dallas Stars and the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Dallas Stars fans were not thrilled with their team, having lost the first two games of the finals to the Golden Knights on their home ice, resulting in overtime Vegas wins. 

The Stars immediately found themselves down 3-0 in the first 7:10 minutes of the first period. The Golden Knights scored an additional goal in the second period to take a 4-0 lead.

With Vegas in the lead 4-0 in the final 20 seconds of the second period, Stars fans decided they had had enough and demonstrated their displeasure with their team by pelting the ice with debris. 

Both teams were forced to leave the ice with 21.6 seconds remaining in the second period. Max Domi, the Dallas Stars center, was given a ten-minute penalty for misconduct. 

The public address announcer urged fans to stop throwing bottles, papers, and popcorn bags on the ice, but the flying objects from fans continued. 

The facility brought out their Zamboni machine to clean the ice with help from employees with snow shovels to help clear the ice. 

The teams returned to the ice with some fans still throwing things on the ice as the two teams finished the 21.6 seconds left from the second period and began the third period. A bag of popcorn was hurled at Stars goalie Adin Hill as he returned to the ice. 

The 4-0 score held, and the Vegas Golden Knights beat the Dallas Stars to take a 3-0 lead in the best-of-seven series. 

A formal apology was issued to the Vegas Golden Knights, the National Hockey League  by president and CEO, Brad Alberts, following the 4-0 loss by the Dallas Stars.

Alberts said the team always wants to provide the best experience for all their fans. The actions of those throwing things on the ice are inexcusable and do not reflect on the city of Dallas, the Stars organization, or our loyal fan base. 

The Golden Knights can sweep the Dallas Stars with a win on Friday night and play in their second Stanley Cup Final