Hillary’s Top Lawyer Caught Spying On Donald Trump

(JustPatriots.com)- Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan claimed during an interview on Fox News on Monday that the Democrats’ top election lawyer Marc Elias was involved in the alleged spying of the Trump campaign. It comes after Special Counsel John Durham filed a motion in federal court that alleged Hillary Clinton’s paid political operatives paid a third-party contractor to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump. Durham also claimed that the spying continued well into Donald Trump’s presidency.

Jordan, who has also indicated that the spying on the Trump campaign was “worse than we thought,” brought attention to Durham’s filing and revealed how Elias is alleged to have been involved with the operation.

He suggested that Michael Sussman, a Clinton lawyer who was indicted for giving inaccurate information to the FBI, spoke with another lawyer at Perkins Coie, which many now believe is Marc Elias.

“Now we all know Marc Elias is the Democrats’ go-to election guy,” he told Fox. “He worked at Perkins Coie. They’re the ones who helped finance and put together the now-famous dossier that they used on President Trump, but he is also the guy out there filing the actions against Republican redistricting efforts, and he’s part of the operation in North Carolina to try to keep one of my colleagues off the ballot.”

Jordan suggested that Elias is someone to watch, not just because he was allegedly involved in the spying of the Trump campaign and presidency but because he might be engaging in illicit tactics to hurt Republican candidates across the country.

If that’s true, then we should be seeing some indictments very soon. And John Durham seems to be pretty certain in his findings so far.

Watch the interview with Rep. Jordan below: