Hillary Clinton’s Ex Operative Demands Votes Made After Election Day Be Counted

(JustPatriots.com)- Hillary’s attorney Marc Elias and PA GOP Senate candidate McCormick both want votes received after the election day deadline to be counted.
Former hedge fund CEO David McCormick is suing to demand election officials count undated ballots that came in after the Tuesday election. Hillary’s attorney Marc Elias is fighting to be able to do the same in the mid-terms.

Approximately 860 undated mail-in ballots from Republican voters in Pennsylvania are now embroiled in a court battle over last month’s tight GOP primary race for an open U.S. Senate seat.

This is the latest twist in a tangled debate in the critical swing state over what to do with votes returned in return envelopes that don’t include handwritten dates next to voters’ signatures.

These contentious votes might have ramifications for the November election and beyond and the voting rights of Pennsylvania’s 8.7 million registered voters.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, the number of people voting by mail has increased dramatically, prompting a significant examination of the technicalities of voting, particularly among Republicans. In the run-up to last year’s primary, Republican state senators threatened to impeach Philadelphia’s election officials if they did not alter their decision to count undated votes.

A labyrinth of litigation in state and federal courts has left Pennsylvania’s local election officials rushing to keep up with the newest judgments and instructions from the state’s top election official, which is presently held by interim Pennsylvania Secretary of State Leigh Chapman.

On Wednesday, Chapman ordered a statewide recount of ballots in the election between famous TV doctor Dr. Mehmet Oz, endorsed by former President Donald Trump, and David McCormick, a former hedge fund CEO.

Oz leads McCormick by less than 1,000 votes as of Friday noon.
The two frontrunners have gone to state court to debate whether ballots missing handwritten dates should be counted. The Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania are backing Oz’s decision not to tally undated votes, revealing a split within the GOP. So far, McCormick has the most counted postal ballots.

Chapman advised local election officials across the state who are still finalizing the May 17 primary results to set aside undated ballots for review after a recent federal court ruling in a related but separate legal battle — over 257 undated ballots for a 2021 election in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh County — prompted Chapman to advise local election officials across the state who are still finalizing the May 17 primary results to set aside undated ballots for review.