Hillary Clinton’s “Bag Of Tricks” Has Just Been Exposed

(JustPatriots.com)- Jonathan Turley, a constitutional expert and the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, recently published a column in which he explains that the indictment of one of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyers has revealed a “bag of tricks” being used by the party to smear former President Donald Trump.

The lawyer is accused of lying to the FBI, having given false testimony to the FBI about “evidence” used to justify an investigation into false allegations about then-candidate Trump having a secret server to communicate with a Kremlin-owned Russian bank.

Turley explained in the piece that the indictment of Michael Sussman reveals the tricks used by the Democrats and how “scandals are manufactured and manipulated” by politicians in Washington.

In the piece, Turley described how lawyers may find themselves in “legal jeopardy” after special prosecutors discovered them holding what he called a “bag of tricks” – a term used in politics to describe things that may help a campaign and hurt political opposition.

Turley explained how the charge against Sussmann is nowhere near as significant as the “supporting narrative and facts disclosed by Durham in this prosecution” and said that there are 26 pages of supporting material that describe how the Clinton campaign purposely created a “false Russian collusion narrative” even when their own researchers objected to it.

As an example, he referenced a comment by a researcher from the Clinton campaign who told then-candidate Hillary Clinton, “you do realize that we will have to expose every trick we have in our bag” by going ahead and creating the fake narrative about Trump colluding with Russia.

Do you realize how huge this is?

Just wait until there are hearings on this. The Democrats can’t hide from this criminality any longer.

But with Biden in charge, it seems unlikely that the Clinton campaign will truly face the consequences they all deserve to see.