Hillary Clinton Says Impeaching Trump Not Enough To “Remove White Supremacy”

(JustPatriots)- Hillary Clinton has taken to the pages of the Washington Post to lash out at not just President Donald Trump, but on what she believes the country has become.

The editorial that was printed Monday is titled “Trump should be impeached. But that alone won’t remove white supremacy from America.”

In her editorial, the former presidential candidate who lost to Trump in the 2016 elections, said Trump’s political priority during his time in the White House was to promote and secure “whiteness” in America. She wrote:

“Trump ran for president on a vision of America where whiteness is valued at the expense of everything else. In the White House, he gave white supremacists, members of the extreme right and conspiracy theorists their most powerful platforms yet, even claiming that there were ‘very fine people’ among the torch-wielding militia members who converged on Charlottesville in 2017.”

The former First Lady said the “insurrection” in Washington, D.C., last week was just a prelude to what will be “an even greater tragedy” if tech companies don’t continue to ramp up censorship of “conspiracy theories” that supporters of Trump subscribe to.

Clinton said that America is plagued by people who value their “whiteness” more than they do “democracy.” She went on to praise a book that framed America as a national built on a racial “caste” system.

She wrote:

“In Isabel Wilkerson’s new book ‘Caste,’ she cites a question from historian Taylor Branch: ‘If people were given the choice between democracy and whiteness, how many would choose whiteness?’ Wednesday reminded us of an ugly truth: There are some Americans, more than many want to admit, who would choose whiteness.

“It’s sobering that many people were unsurprised by what occurred last week, particularly people of color, for whom a violent mob waving Confederate flags and hanging nooses is a familiar sight in American history.

“Consider what we saw last June, when Black Lives Matter protesters peacefully demonstrating in Lafayette Square were met with federal officers and tear gas. If the first step toward healing and unity is honesty, that starts with recognizing that this is indeed part of who we are.”

This message is one that was repeated from President-elect Joe Biden, and plenty of other liberals in the days following the attack on the U.S. Capitol. The point they’ve all tried to make is that if the rioters who stormed the Capitol had been people of color, or even just affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement, they would have been treated “very differently” than those last Wednesday.

Clinton labeled the acts of the rioters as “domestic terrorism.” She called for further censorship of politicians and voices in all reaches of the internet in an effort to halt “conspiracy theories” and “violent speech.”

When Twitter announced they banned Trump’s account permanently, Clinton rejoiced. She retweeted a message she sent earlier that told the president to “Delete your account,” and added a comment that was simply a check mark.