Hillary Clinton Is Reportedly “Putting Together” An Operation For 2024

(JustPatriots.com)- Last week, Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec told Breitbart News Daily that he believes Hillary Clinton may be putting together a possible exploratory campaign to run again in 2024.

Posobiec said Hillary’s reported meeting with Kamala Harris in the White House suggests that the two of them are “cooking something up.” He then cited the Wall Street Journal column from Democrat strategist Doug Schoen that argued Hillary is the only Democrat who could win in 2024 as well as the recent talk on CNN that Hillary is “our Beto for 2024.”

Posobiec added that if the media is stirring up talk about Hillary, they know how weak the Democrats’ potential candidates are. He suggested the bench is so weak, Democrats have nobody else to turn to except Hillary Clinton. All of this talk, Posobiec explains, is being noticed by Hillary. And because she is an opportunist, “she’s reading the tea leaves” and thinking she could beat the other Democrats in a primary in 2024.

“And she might just be right,” Posobiec added.

Posobiec also suggested that the three entities who were paying close attention to Biden’s press conference last week were the leaders of Ukraine and Taiwan, as well as Hillary Clinton.

He also had a word of caution for Republicans, warning that they shouldn’t rest on their laurels and expect an easy ride to victory in the November midterm elections. He said if Republicans “want to stick the landing,” they have to have an “affirmative vision beyond mere opposition” to the Democrats’ far-left agenda. And so far, Posobiec added, he hasn’t seen that from the Republicans in Congress.

Listen to the full interview with Jack Posobiec on Breitbart News Daily HERE.