Health Official Says Banning Public Gatherings Stops “Misinformation”

( If there is one thing the COVID Pandemic has taught us, it is that people with power – no matter how “democratic” the country may be – aspire to rule like tyrants. In the US, too many Governors took to tyranny like a fish to water. And for our neighbors to the north this embrace of tyranny is doubly true.

Canadian provinces have become downright dictatorial over a virus with a 99% survivability rate. One can’t help but wonder if they were just using COVID as a pretense to embrace their inner tyrants.

Last week The National Pulse reported that Dr. Robert Strang, the Chief Medical Officer of Health in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, recently explained that the reason Nova Scotia has not lifted the injunction against public gatherings despite the downward trajectory of the virus, was because public gatherings also prevent the spread of false information.

Not the virus.

False information.

This is the Chief Medical Officer of Health. And he wants to continue barring public gatherings, not to keep people from contracting COVID, but to prevent them from “deliberately spreading” misinformation.

This so-called false information, Strang went on, is a risk to the public “if listened to,” therefore there is a “need to manage that misinformation campaign as well.”

Since when is it the job of a Medical Officer of Health to protect the public from “wrongthink?”

There is something very revealing (and concerning) in Dr. Strang’s “Message from the Chief Medical Officer of Health” on Nova Scotia’s official website.

In this message, Strang explains his “vision for public health in Nova Scotia,” which includes some red flag terms that should concern every American living under the Biden Administration:

“This means shifting our focus to address root causes and the social determinants of health, to minimize health inequities.”

Root causes. Social determinants. Inequities.

Sound familiar?

Strang isn’t a health official; he’s a social engineer – in much the same way the Biden Administration aspires to be.

Americans may want to take comfort in knowing there is a Constitution and Bill of Rights that stands in the way of Dr. Strang’s form of tyranny here in the US. But as the pandemic clearly showed, the reality is any public official who wants to disregard our Constitution will disregard it – sadly with very little pushback.

COVID was a test case. And it worked out great for the wannabe tyrants. Once that kind of power is granted, they will be loath to give it up.