Harvard To Consider Using Wrong Gender Pronouns As “Abuse”

(JustPatriots.com)- “Violence” is sustained by “fatphobia” and “cisheterosexism.” Abuse includes “using the improper pronouns.” Verbal abuse is “any remarks intended to diminish a person’s sense of value.” These are just a few things Harvard instructed all undergraduate students during a required Title IX training session.

The “Power and Control Wheel” is part of the online training, which all undergraduates must finish to register for classes. It aids students in recognizing “destructive” behavior. According to a voiceover from the course, there are attitudes outside the wheel that “add to an environment that promotes violence,” including “sizeism and fatphobia,” “cisheterosexism,” “racism,” “transphobia,” “ageism,” and “ableism.”

The wheel contains actions the institution considers to be “abuse” and may go against its Title IX standards. In a video presenting the program, Harvard College president Rakesh Khurana informed students that “we all have a crucial responsibility to play in creating a community that cultivates gender parity and inclusiveness.” A crucial first step in creating a shared awareness of the values at Harvard College is to successfully complete this course.

The session instructs students to “prioritize social justice and inclusiveness” and to “intervene” whenever “damage” happens. It also gives situations with potential Title IX violations and discusses how students should respond.

In one instance, “Andre” repeatedly “messes up Logan’s pronouns” and makes remarks about Logan’s “outfits, hair, and nail polish,” leaving Logan feeling “tired and upset with again having to teach his peers about gender identity.”

The training states that Andre’s comments “contribute to an atmosphere of contempt and may violate Harvard’s standards.” “It could be useful to reassure Logan that the impact he is feeling is real and that he is not being overly sensitive.”

The scenario with Andre and Logan illustrates how Title IX can be weaponized to target speech and conduct because the course explicitly indicates that “repeatedly using improper pronouns” is a potential Title IX violation. For instance, in 2015, Northwestern University opened a Title IX inquiry on Laura Kipnis, a professor, for criticizing the institution’s sexual harassment policy. Additionally, all Boston University students were compelled to state that false charges are “rarely” made as part of Title IX training in 2021.

The Power and Consent Wheel is training for Title IX officers on how to apply the term “harassment” to students’ daily lives. Each scenario includes at least one transgender, nonbinary, or disabled figure. The victim and offender in one stalking scenario use “they/them” pronouns.

The training draws attention to the paradoxical goals of these bureaucrats, who support policies that limit personal autonomy while championing their own.