Harvard Professor Found Taking Payments In Secret From Communist China

(JustPatriots.com)- A professor from Harvard University has just been found guilty of lying about his ties to the Chinese Communist Party, once again proving how far the Chinese communists have expanded their reach into American institutions.

Engineering and chemistry professor Charles Lieber was indicted and charged last year for making false statements to federal authorities about a Chinese government program he was involved with that aims to get American students on board with their communist agenda and China’s scientific development.

Lieber holds joint appointments at the chemistry and engineer departments at Harvard University and is well-known and respected for his work in the nanoscience field. He reportedly lied about his involvement with the “Thousand Talents” program and was found guilty of failing to disclose cash payments made to him by the program on his tax filings. He also concealed the existence of a bank account in China.

Lieber was also the subject of an investigation by federal investigators who found that he had a long-standing partnership with the Wuhan University of Technology that goes back over ten years.

Prosecutors showed documentary evidence in court that Lieber signed a contract with the Thousand Talents organization, and that he received thousands of dollars from Wuhan that were deposited into his Chinese bank account.

The decision by the jury is a win for the United States but doesn’t solve the problem entirely. Efforts by the Justice Department continue to stop the influence Beijing has over American academic institutions, and there is still an unknown number of American professors making money from this scheme and others.