Hard-Left Democrats Set Out DEMANDS for Joe Biden Following Sanders Withdrawal

(PatrioticPost.Com)- After socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race to become the Democratic presidential nominee, the most hard-left Democrats have already started racking up huge lists of policy demands for presumed nominee Joe Biden.

According to Brent Scher of The Washington Free Beacon, several far-left Democrat groups have come together to put the demands to Biden. Scher reports how the groups describe themselves as “leaders from a diverse array of organizations building political power for young people,” and that their letter was published just hours after Sanders left the race.

“The letter demanding Biden embrace far-left policies such as the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and a wealth tax comes from eight groups with diverging policy focuses, from climate change groups such as NextGen American to the anti-Israel IfNotNow Movement,” Scher said.

In an attempt to get Biden on board, the group also promised to spend as much as $100 million to help attract young voters to Biden’s side in an effort to defeat President Donald Trump in the November election. And we all know that Biden needs as much support as he can get to get young people on board.

NextGen America, one of the groups represented in the letter, published a statement on Twitter confirming that they were hoping to influence the campaign promises that will be made by Biden in the runup to November.

“Young people are highly aware of what’s at stake in this election, and we’re organizing through thick and thin to make Donald Trump a one-term president,” the Executive Director of the group, Ben Wessel said. “But defeating Trump means understanding that our problems are bigger than Trump alone. We’re the generation that has been welcomed into adulthood by two major recessions, climate catastrophe, and injustice all around us. We need our nominee to recognize those challenges and act accordingly”

Jeez, they really think every generation before them had it super easy, don’t they?

If Biden wants young support, he’s going to have to listen. It could well lose him the election, though, as most Americans don’t relate to the demands of far-left activists.

In February, FiveThirtyEight published a piece describing why young Democrats are rejecting Biden. The article used data from Edison Research that showed Biden taking home as little as 4% of youth votes in some states.