Hamas Rockets Soar During Fox News Report

(JustPatriots.com)- Hamas rockets peppered the night sky behind Fox News Channel’s foreign correspondent Trey Yingst as he gave a live report from Israel during Wednesday’s “Special Report.”

Throughout his report incoming rockets destroyed by Israel’s Iron Dome intercept system were exploding in the night sky. But one made it through very close to where Yingst and his cameraman were standing.


“Tons of incoming rocket fire,” Yingst said as one rocket got through and landed next door to the hotel balcony where he and his cameraman were filming, sending him down to the ground for cover.

The rocket attacks from Gaza that began on Monday have been unrelenting. According to reports, Hamas has launched 1,800 rockets into Israel since Monday, and Israel’s response has been swift and brutal.

On Friday morning, using “precision-guided munitions,” Israeli forces targeted and destroyed the tunnel system Hamas uses to carry out terror attacks within Israel. According to reports, members of the terror group were inside the tunnels at the time of the attack.

Israel has activated nine thousand reservists and is massing troops along its border with Gaza in what most believe is in anticipation of a full-scale ground invasion and ground war.

The last time Israeli ground troops entered Gaza was in 2014.

Meanwhile the tensions have spawned violent street unrest within Israel between Jewish and Arab mobs that have continued now for four straight nights – the worst of those taking place in Lod near Tel Aviv.

On Thursday, President Biden called for de-escalation of the violence, saying he expected to have more talks with leaders in the region.

However, some believe Biden’s own actions have escalated the violence.

Soon after his inauguration, the Biden Administration announced that they would be restoring relations with the Palestinians and once again pursuing a “2-State Solution” for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Then in early spring, after it had been halted by the Trump Administration, the Biden State Department began to quietly ramp up US aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Overtures to Iran – that bankrolls Hamas – no doubt further emboldened the terror group.

Remarkable to think that just a few months ago President Trump’s diplomatic efforts had established peaceful accords between Israel and several of its Arab neighbors. And now Israel stands prepared for a full-scale invasion of Gaza.