Greg Abbott Is Sending 450 Buses Of Illegals To D.C.

( Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent busloads of illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C., to alleviate the pressure on local communities. He said he is prepared to flood Washington, D.C. with ten times the previous number of buses to alert Washington, D.C. to the hardship border states are suffering.

Abbott said the Biden administration didn’t care about the thousands of illegal immigrants who crossed the southern border over the river instead of through ports of entry, then turned to the buses he’d already dispatched.

Abbott said that we’re on our 45th bus, and when you add a zero to that, he thinks Washington D.C. will find out they’re going to be dealing with the same repercussions we’re dealing with.

The governor said that they know that there are maybe as many as 100,000 individuals ready to enter Texas across the border. Whether entering at the port of entry or over the river, the Biden administration appears to be letting people in.

The drug cartels on the opposite side of the border, according to Abbot, encouraged illegals to cross the river rather than the ports of entry because it would keep the border patrol busy with them instead of the cartels and their shipments.

Then Abbott reminded us that illegal immigration isn’t only a Texas problem: the state currently has the highest number of persons crossing the border. We’ve noticed since the launch of Operation Lonestar that cartel activity has relocated from New Mexico to Arizona and California. Every day that Texas succeeds, it might spell disaster for another state. For the United States of America, this spells failure.

Abbott said that until we have a president prepared to step up and enforce the rule of law, results will not be gained or realized.

He said to keep in mind that we experienced the lowest level of illegal immigration in decades only a year and a half ago. After that, it only took the present government a year and a half to lead to the most significant levels of illegal immigration ever.

“President Biden has never once even tried to contact me,” Abbott said when asked if President Biden or his staff had reached out to him.

“Kamala Harris, the border czar, has never attempted to contact me,” he continued.

Abbott added that his last communication with Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas was about February last year. They have no interest in talking to Texas or leaders on the border. Remember that Joe Biden has never visited the border.

“We are dealing with a crisis that is man-made by President Biden, who doesn’t want to take the time to even come to the border or talk to the governor of a border state,” he concluded.