Graham Openly Threatens Iran

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, warned Iran on Sunday about the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, which has resulted in the loss of thousands of lives among Israelis and Palestinians.

Graham began by commending President Biden for his unwavering support of Israel. He had recently spoken with Israeli officials and understood that their primary objective was to eradicate Hamas in the southern region while striving to safeguard the lives of innocent Palestinians.

He delivered a stern message: If Hezbollah, recognized as an Iranian proxy, were to launch a large-scale assault against Israel, he would perceive it as an existential threat to the State of Israel itself.

Senator Graham revealed his intention to introduce a Senate resolution enabling military cooperation between the United States and Israel to curb Iran’s involvement in the oil industry. He emphasized that if Iran were to escalate the conflict, they should expect a response from the United States.

Additionally, Senator Graham announced a forthcoming bipartisan trip to Saudi Arabia and Israel with senators. He highlighted the ongoing efforts to promote peace and normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Senator Graham emphasized that not all Palestinians should be regarded the same way, asserting that the destruction of Hamas would enhance Israel’s security and open up more comprehensive pathways to peace between Palestinians and the international community.

In a news conference with faith leaders in Columbia, South Carolina, Senator Graham urged the United States to take action against Iran if the Israel-Hamas conflict were to intensify. He outlined potential scenarios, including an attack by Hezbollah in the north, harm to hostages by Hamas, or attacks on American soldiers in Syria or Iraq. In such cases, he argued that it was time for Iran to face the consequences and suggested that any escalation should target Iran’s capacity to finance terrorism in the future.

Some Republicans, including those vying for the GOP presidential nomination, have criticized the Biden administration for the Hamas attack. Several have made unsupported claims that the administration’s prisoner exchange with Iran this year funds the attack.

However, the Biden administration swiftly refuted these arguments, clarifying that the $6 billion in Iranian oil revenue to which Tehran regained access had not been utilized for such purposes. According to Treasury Undersecretary Brian Nelson, the funds remained in restricted accounts in Doha, earmarked for future humanitarian endeavors. Any suggestions to the contrary were dismissed as false and misleading.