Governor Launches Investigation Into School For Sharing “Pornographic” Content To Children

( Popular Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott is demanding an investigation into books being made available to children in school libraries in his state which depict pornography.

It comes as Democrats wrongly accuse Republicans of wanting to “ban books.” Republicans and concerned parents all over the country recently responded to revelations that LGBTQ-themed books were being given to children in schools, even though the books contained detailed drawings of children performing sex acts on one another.

That’s a form of child pornography, isn’t it?

In a letter dated Wednesday, November 10, Governor Abbott called on the state education agency to inform him about any “instance of pornography being provided to minors under the age of 18 for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.”

In a letter just two days before, Abbott also said that Texas parents were right to be outraged about the availability of books like this, including “Gender Queer: A Memoir” and “In The Dream House,” both of which contain drawings that could easily be considered pornography.

Last week, “Gender Queen’ was removed from Fort Worth school libraries after parents raised concerns about the extremely explicit content found within it.

It’s the same book that caused huge controversy in Florida last month when one man attended a school board meeting and read out the vulgar passages of the book only to be silenced by the board and dragged out by security.

The book contains drawings of oral sex, masturbation, and strap-on sex toys.

As parents responded to these books, and the teaching of Critical Race. Theory, the National School Boards Association disgracefully wrote to the Department of Justice and FBI and requested support to stop parents from protesting at the meetings.

This is what parents are reacting to, and what they are being called “domestic terrorists” for opposing.

If Governor Abbott can successfully prosecute anybody involved with the distribution of this disturbing material to children at schools, it could be a real turning point.