Government Of Ireland To Drop All Coronavirus Restrictions Soon

( Ireland, which has had one of the longest and most restrictive COVID-19 lockdowns in the world, has announced that almost all restriction put in place in early 2020 will be dropped completely. It comes after the country celebrated one of the most successful vaccine rollouts in the country.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Michael Martin revealed that the people of Ireland will finally be able to enjoy their freedoms once again on October 22. It will mean that vaccine certificates in restaurants and bars will no longer be required, and absolutely anybody – regardless of their vaccination status – will be able to attend events both indoors and outdoors.

The government, however, has recommended that theaters and cinemas should open at a 60% capacity as of next week, and non-essential workers will be encouraged to go back to their offices from September 20.

It looks like, at least for Ireland, the world is getting somewhat back to normal.

In a televised address to the nation, Prime Minister Martin said that the success of their vaccination efforts mean that they can now “enter a whole new phase of the pandemic” – which doesn’t exactly sound like “end of the pandemic” but at least it’s something.

The issue of vaccine hesitancy doesn’t exist in Ireland. While the nation has had some of the most restrictive measures implemented nationally, it appears as though public health officials in the country have significantly more support among the population. Maybe Dr. Anthony Fauci could learn a thing or two about building trust from the Irish, as some 90% of Irish adults are fully vaccinated.

As for those over the age of 12, that figure sits at 80%.

For all intents and purposes, Ireland is a vaccinated country.

The Prime Minister noted in his address that there is an increasing number of people becoming infected with the virus – because of the spread of the Delta variant, that frequently infects vaccinated people – and added that they are “very unlikely to ever be able to be rid of the virus completely.”