GOP Traitor Joni Ernst Backs Liz Cheney

( Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa threw her weight behind controversial so-called “Republican” Congresswoman Liz Cheney as calls increase for her to be removed from her positions as House Republican Conference Chair.

Ernest has chosen to defend Cheney even after she attacked former President Donald Trump and fellow Republicans who have legitimately challenged the results of the last presidential election and called for the strengthening of voter ID laws.

To be fair, Ernst noted that she disagrees with Cheney’s criticism of former President Donald Trump, but also defended her right to express her opinion about the former Republican president and his supporters.

“Any elected official should stand their ground. If you feel firmly about something, you should stand your ground. But I also believe that we need to come together as a party, recognize we have differences within the party, but the goal with us should be to win seats,” she said.

That’s not going to go down well with her Trump-supporting voters.

Cheney already survived one vote to remove her from her position as the third-most powerful Republican in Congress after gaining the support of House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy – but in recent weeks, that support from McCarthy has waned.

Former President Trump and Cheney clashed in late April, with the former president slamming her as a “warmongering fool” who would “embarrass her family by running for president.”

It came after Cheney said she is “not ruling anything in or out” when she was asked by the New York Post about running for president.

Ernst supported Cheney’s right to disagree with the president but didn’t say whether she agrees with removing her from her House GOP position.

“I know Liz. I appreciate Liz so much. And she feels very strongly about her stance. And again, I know many Republicans that feel very strongly about their stance: pro-Trump, not for Trump, whatever it is. But at the end of the day we have work to get done,” she said.

Why does anyone in the Republican Party support this woman?