GOP Star’s Ex-Wife Accuses Him Of Domestic Abuse

( The ex-wife of embattled Republican Senate candidate, former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, has accused him of domestic abuse, according to court documents.

In documents filed as part of a child custody dispute, Sheena Greitens accused her ex-husband of “unstable and coercive behavior,” including allegedly hitting his then-3-year-old son.

The Greitens divorced in 2018 after the embattled Republican was accused of sexually assaulting a woman with whom he was having an affair and was forced to resign as governor. He denied the assault allegations but admitted to the affair. The scandal resulted in Greitens facing trumped-up charges that were eventually dropped.

In the court affidavit leaked to the press, Sheena Greitens alleged that in April 2018, her ex-husband knocked her down during an argument and took away her cellphone, wallet, and keys to keep her from calling for help or leaving the house with her children.

She alleged that she feared for her safety and the safety of her children and accused Greitens of being physically violent to their children. Sheena also accused Greitens of threatening to use his political influence to win custody of their children, accuse her of child abuse, and get her fired from her teaching job at the University of Texas.

Greitens, who is running in the Republican primary to replace retiring Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, has denied the allegations. His campaign described the allegations as “politically motivated” and accused Sheena of having a “documented history of mental illness and emotionally abusive behavior.”

After the story broke, Breitbart reported that Sheena Greitens and her family have close ties to establishment Republican consultant Karl Rove and Senate Minority Leaders Mitch McConnell.

According to Breitbart, a “top confidante of GOP mega-donors” said Karl Rove was aware of the contents of the affidavit before its public release by the Associated Press. Breitbart also reported that Sheena Greiten’s sister works at three different political consulting firms in DC that have ties to Mitch McConnell.

McConnell, Breitbart reports, does not want Eric Greitens elected to the Senate.

The timing of the story is also suspect, Breitbart reports, as it comes just as the other allegations made against the embattled Greitens were falling apart.

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