GOP Demands Meeting With Kamala Harris

( Some Republicans in the House of Representatives are sick of the inaction shown by Vice President Kamala Harris at the southern border, and they’re demanding a meeting to talk about it.

This week, three Republican representatives penned an open letter posted to Twitter in which they “requested” a meeting with Harris. Their goal, they wrote, is to clarify what the position of the Biden-Harris administration is on immigration and the southern border crisis. Ultimately, they want to see whether the White House has any plan at all.

In the letter, Representatives James Comer, John Katko and Jim Jordan wrote to Harris:

“President Joe Biden delegated the Administration’s response to the humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border to you. However, it is unclear what, if any, actions you have directed or plan to initiate to respond to the crisis that continues to worsen every day.

“We request the opportunity to meet with you as soon as possible. The situation at the southern border is a crisis. Your characterization of it as a ‘huge problem’ is an understatement.”

They concluded their letter by writing:

“The crisis at the southern border is a creation of the radical policies of the Biden-Harris administration.”

In late March, President Joe Biden appointed Harris as the White House’s lead for the southern border crisis. Since that time, though, Harris hasn’t even held a press conference to talk about the crisis, let alone visited the southern border in person.

Last week, Harris said she would travel to Mexico and Guatemala so she could tackle the “root causes” of the crisis at the border between the United States and Mexico. The fact that she’s traveling to those two foreign countries and not to the actual border shows that she’s a little out of touch. It’s hard to fix a problem without seeing the negativity it’s causing at the border itself.

The three Republican members of the House are not the only ones who have criticized Harris’ approach to the southern border crisis. Mark Brnovich, the attorney general of Arizona, also said the vice president has done little to nothing to address the problem since Biden appointed her to lead the charge.

While being interviewed by Fox Business, Brnovich said the vice president didn’t even respond to an invitation he sent her to tour the crisis at Arizona’s southern border with Mexico. He said:

“I guess if you were a philosopher, you would say no response is a very loud response, because we’ve not received any response.”

He continued by saying Harris should “look into the eyes of people being smuggled across the border, being exploited by the cartels and realize this is a humanitarian crisis on so many levels.”

Arizona’s governor, Doug Ducey, has also strongly criticized Harris’ lack of action at the southern border. He even called her “the worst possible choice” Biden could’ve made to lead the effort.

The governor said Biden “completely trivialized the issue by putting someone in charge who flat out just doesn’t care.”