GOP Candidate’s Family Forced Into Hiding

(  While Democrats and the media can’t stop screeching about the drug-addicted hippie who broke into Speaker Pelosi’s San Francisco home and attacked her husband, they were oddly silent about the October 18 shooting incident at the home of Republican House candidate Paul Harrigan’s parents, not far from where his children were sleeping.

According to his campaign manager Brandon Craft, a shot was fired through the window near where Harrigan’s two daughters were sleeping. Nobody was harmed in the shooting but local, state and federal authorities were investigating the incident, Craft told The Carolina Journal.

According to Hickory Police Department spokeswoman Kristen Hart, investigating officers found a bullet casing outside of the house which was “being looked into.”

In late October, Harrigan blamed the country’s politically-charged climate as well as his opponent, Democrat State Senator Jeff Jackson, for the shooting incident, telling Fox News, “This is politics at its worse.”

The same day his parents’ house was hit, Jackson’s campaign began airing an ad that showed the Harrigan home. After the FBI revealed that it had launched an investigation into the shooting, the ad was pulled off the air.

It was reported last week that Harrigan’s two daughters, aged 3 and 5, have been relocated out of state to an undisclosed location since last month’s shooting incident.

Harrigan, who has been facing a slew of death threats, has started wearing a bullet-proof vest on the campaign trail.

Harrigan, a Green Beret veteran and firearms manufacturer, is running for the open seat in North Carolina’s newly-created 14th Congressional District in Charlotte’s western suburbs.

The new Democrat-leaning district emerged from North Carolina’s lengthy redistricting battle as it redrew its congressional map after gaining a House seat in the 2020 census.

According to election analysts, the new district map favors 7 Republicans and 6 Democrats in the midterms, leaving one toss-up district in the Raleigh area.