GOP Candidate Exposed As Anti-Wall, Amnesty Sympathizer

( In a post earlier this week, The National File attacked Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Matt Salmon who is running in the Republican primary against Trump-endorsed candidate Kari Lake.

Salmon may be campaigning on a hardline immigration position now, but according to The National File, his record on immigration and border security has been weak.

The National File claims that Salmon, a former Congressman who was critical of former President Barack Obama’s immigration policies while in the House, only began to promote strong border policies after Kari Lake joined the race.

According to the National File, Salmon had once argued against constructing a border wall shortly before retiring from Congress in January 2017. But now Salmon is campaigning on finishing the new border fence construction which began under Trump.

The National File also cites Salmon’s support for the Obama-era DACA program. When the Trump administration tried to end DACA, Salmon, who was serving as VP for Government Affairs at Arizona State University argued against ending it. He also lobbied members of Congress to make DACA permanent.

According to The National File, Salmon once told The State Press that he favored the DACA amnesty program, but believed it should have been enacted by Congress and not through Obama’s executive order.

Citing multiple examples of things Matt Salmon has said over the years in support of DACA and increasing the number of foreign guest workers, The National File accuses Salmon of keeping his pro-amnesty positions under wraps. The post quotes Salmon in 2014 saying he has made no secret of his support for a guest-worker program.

Now, it is possible that, as The National File suggests, Salmon is only pretending to be tough on illegal immigration and border security to appeal to Republican voters in Arizona and better position himself against immigration hawk Kari Lake.

At the same, Republicans have grown far more hawkish on border security over the last five years. And Joe Biden’s reckless and dangerous open borders policies are making immigration hawks out of people who once weren’t so hawkish. It could be just as possible that among those who have grown more hawkish is Matt Salmon.

The question is, do Arizona Republican voters want to roll the dice and take the chance that Salmon had a genuine change of heart.