Google Shuts Down Advertising Of Abortion Reversal Pill After Liberal Attacks

( Google is inserting itself into a medical debate of which they have no inside knowledge of, and they’re censoring advertising as a result.

On September 13, Google all of a sudden “disapproved” of all ads that were run by Live Action for its Abortion Pill Reversal product. Before the sudden disapproval, the digital ads had been running for more than four months, and Live Action spent more than $170,000 on those ads.

In addition, thousands of people were directed to a hotline that provided them with more information about an abortion pill reversal.

Google cited its policy of “unreliable claims” to shut down the ads. They in essence also banned Live Action from purchasing any more digital ads on their platform.

Live Action starting placing these strategic ads on the Google platform on May 10 of this year. The ads sought to inform women that it was possible that they could reverse the process if they had taken the abortion pill.

The process would involve the women taking a hormone that is called progesterone. That hormone has been proven safe for pregnancy, and has been used for decades to prevent miscarriages. In fact, many medical experts consider it to be a standard treatment for that.

The treatment goal of the APR would be to reverse the effects of the abortion pill, which is officially known as mifepristone. The abortion pill in essence will block progesterone.

Thus far, Live Action says their treatment has saved more than 2,500 children’s lives. It also has been proven to have a success rate of 68%.

The ironic part about Google’s decision — of maybe it’s not ironic — is that the company continues to allow ads to be run that promote abortion through the use of the abortion pill. All Live Action’s APR looks to do is reverse that process, if women decide that they regret their decision to take the abortion pill.

According to the FDA, the abortion has sent more than 1,000 women who have taken it to the hospital, and it has also required almost 600 of them to have to get a blood transfusion. At least 24 mothers have died as a result of taking the abortion pill.

Lila Rose, the president and founder of Live Action, took to Twitter to bash Google for their decision. She tweeted:

“BREAKING: At the request of abortion activists, @Google has just BANNED all of @LiveAction’s pro-life ads, including those promoting the Abortion Pill Reversal treatment, a resource that has saved 2500 children to date.”

She also tweeted:

“@Google has also banned the promotion of our Baby Olivia video, a medically accurate (& accredited by OBGYNs), lifelike animation of human development in the womb, citing ‘unreliable claims.'”

She then went even further, tweeting:

“Meanwhile, Google is permitting abortion facilities to advertise next-day abortions & abortion via mail. This is a blatant, political double standard: Google is ok with ads promoting life-ending drugs, but not life-saving treatments. Where’s the ‘choice’ for women, @Google?”