Google Responds To Claims It Secretly Installed COVID Tracking App On User’s Phones

( Google is wrapped up in a new COVID controversy. In the same week that the Daily Mail reported Google’s charitable wing had granted funds to EcoHealth Alliance, which were then given to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to conduct virus experiments, it was also revealed that users of Google-powered cell phones reported a COVID-19 notifications system was automatically installed onto their devices.

The Epoch Times reports how many users of Android cell phones reported that they were not warned or asked for their consent when a COVID notification system was installed on their device.

Google issued a statement to a number of media outlets neither confirming nor denying that the system was “automatically distributed” to users of their devices. What the statement did say, however, is that the new “COVID-19 Exposure Notifications” system is only enabled if a user goes into the settings and turns it on.

Which sounds an awful lot like Google has installed this software onto users’ phones without them asking…

The statement added that they had worked with the Massachusetts Department of Publish Health to receive notifications about possible exposure to the virus on their phones. The tech giant claimed that the functionality is built into device settings and is automatically distributed via the Google Play Store, meaning that users don’t need to download a specific app.

For those who don’t really understand what that means, it’s basically an admission that Google built the software into the phone system rather than requiring people to download a dedicated app that performs the function. So even if you don’t want it installed on your phone, you have to accept that it’s there and just trust that it is turned off when you choose to turn it off.

The exposure notifications system was revealed by users on Reddit who explained how it was installed without their permission. Reviews on Google Play also show people complaining that they did not install it onto their phone.

Surely there has to be some legal recourse here…what right does Google have to work with the government to install unwanted software on Americans’ phones that could potentially be used to track millions of people’s locations?