Girl Tries To Kill Herself After School Reportedly Pressured Her Over Gender, Father Says

( A horrifying report from Florida reveals how a father is taking legal action against his local school district after his 12-year-old daughter attempted suicide following a series of secretive meetings with teachers who encouraged her to transition and become a boy.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday by the Child and Parental Rights Campaigns, and it reveals how the young girl attempted to hang herself in one of the bathrooms of the elementary school that she attended in Clay County.

The federal suit was filed against a number of officials in the local school district, including the school superintendent Davis Broskie, Paterson Elementary School principal John O’Brian, school counselor Destiney Washington, and the assistant principal, Courtney Schumacher.

In the suit, it’s revealed how the child was subject to secret meetings every week in which she discussed a so-called “gender identity crisis.” Her parents were not informed about the meetings, and according to her father Wendell Perez, the school cites his Catholic faith as a reason that they supported his daughter in not telling him about the meetings.

The school also allegedly instructed staff and other students to refer to the child as a boy and use a new, invented name.

The suit explains that the decisions by the school resulted in the child being bullied, creating a level of distress that ultimately resulted in her attempting suicide while at school. The girl apparently attempted to kill herself on both January 4 and 5.

Perez alleges in the suit that the school violated their rights by “intentionally and recklessly withholding information” about the so-called “gender crisis.”

According to attorney Vernadette Broyles, who represents Perez, the lawsuit is designed to protect the right of these parents to raise their child and direct the care of their child without interference from any government officials.

Broyles said that the case involves a “serious mental health decision” and that the school staff was not qualified to make it.

The school district, however, claims that all allegations are “completely false, fabricated, and appear to be intended solely for the purpose of inciting the public.”

Really? What Catholic father would want to simply “incite the public”?