Ghislaine Maxwell Says Epstein’s Death Was “Suspicious”

( Ghislaine Maxwell has said that she finds Jeffrey Epstein’s death while incarcerated three years ago to be “profoundly suspicious.”

The imprisoned socialite admitted to documentary director Daphne Barak that she still doesn’t believe her well-connected ex’s August 2019 death in his Manhattan cell was suicide and that she was “completely surprised” by the discovery.

According to Maxwell, 60, the Bureau of Prisons has failed to produce the autopsy report, and reportedly none of the cameras were operating.

She discussed disturbing information that has fueled ongoing suspicions.

“Allegedly, the guards were sleeping.”

She asserted in an interview that the “unexplained death” was “profoundly suspicious” and recalled her “close bond” with former President Bill Clinton.

The disgraced socialite, who is currently serving a 20-year sentence for trafficking underage girls for Epstein, said that she had no inside knowledge of the passing of her ex-boyfriend, who passed away about a year before her arrest.

However, Maxwell stated that some of the reasons for her doubts include “the history and actions of the Bureau of Prisons, the lack of openness, and the fact that they have many unexplained things that happen within.”

She repeated, “I simply find it suspicious.”

The city medical examiner has defended its determination that Epstein’s death was a suicide on numerous occasions.

However, a separate autopsy by renowned pathologist Michael Baden, who concluded that “the evidence indicates toward homicide,” has long fuelled suspicions.

Maxwell stated that the guards assigned to watch Epstein reportedly falsified records by sleeping on the job and failing to conduct the prisoner’s regular 30-minute inspections. Officials claimed that Epstein’s cell cameras were also broken that evening.

Many of their well-known pals were thrust into the public eye by her trial in federal court in Manhattan. In the jailhouse conversation, Maxwell talked to Barak about her “special bond” with Clinton and her “close buddy” Prince Andrew.

As for her,  she said, “I do not possess a single suicidal bone in my body.”

“I have never contemplated suicide. I’ve never given it any thought. I’ve never thought about it in my entire life. Furthermore, I am adamant about who I am, enthusiastic about my appeal, and looking forward to it,” she added.

She insisted that the authorities had placed her on suicide watch as a punishment because she had lodged numerous complaints.

“You are stripped of any final shred of dignity that you have,” she claimed of suicide watch.

It’s almost like an underaged girl being coerced into lurid acts with a creepy old man.