Ghislaine Maxwell Is Reportedly Being Harassed By Guards

( Ghislaine Maxwell made some wild claims about her time inside Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center as she awaits her trial on sex trafficking charges. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Maxwell said she’s been assaulted by prison guards and forced to endure inhumane conditions.

The 59-year-old British socialite told the Daily Mail that throughout her nearly year-and-a-half incarceration, she has been subjected to abuse and even assaults.

While she didn’t go into much detail about the alleged assaults, Maxwell gave several examples of the harassment she suffered at the hands of the guards.

On one occasion, the guards accused her of possessing illegal contraband after she dropped her doctor-prescribed Tylenol on the floor. She was also harassed for leaving food and crumbs on her bed and threatened with discipline. Maxwell said she had to prove that what the guards called “food and crumbs” were stains on the bedsheets. She said she was also threatened with discipline for using a hair-tie to secure her legal documents.

Maxwell told the Daily Mail that she stopped taking showers because “creepy” guards would stare at her while she bathed.

Maxwell also complained about the “inhumane” solitary confinement and the poor conditions in the detention center – from the substandard food to the poor sleeping conditions. She told the Daily Mail that in all the time she’s been in lock-up, she has not had a single nutritious meal and is forced to sleep with fluorescent lights on. As a result, she is both physically and emotionally drained.

The food, according to Maxwell, is rotten and bug-infested. The place is full of rats that get in through open sewer drains. Maxwell said she complained repeatedly about the open sewer drains, but the guard only did something about it a rat “charged a guard.”

Maxwell, who has pleaded not guilty to the 8-count indictment against her, could face up to 80 years in prison if convicted. Last week, she was refused bail for the fourth time.

Jury selection began this week and Maxwell maintains her innocence on the charges. But she told the Mail that it will be impossible for her to receive a fair trial because all the negative media coverage could “poison” the jury pool.