GETTR: Leaked Texts Suggest Miles Guo Is Jason Miller’s Boss, Tells Him What to Do

( GETTR is the talk of the town. It’s the free speech alternative to Twitter, it’s one of the most functional alternatives developed by conservatives in recent years, and it’s also tied up in a scandal relating to its ownership and potential Chinese influence.

During an interview with commentator Tim Pool on Wednesday, GETTR CEO Jason Miller was asked about his relationship with Miles Guo, an exiled Chinese billionaire. The questions referred to the fact that GETTR was based on an almost identical platform known as “Getome,” which was later renamed “GETTR.” It was hosted by GTV, a company owned by Guo, before being relaunched in July of last year as “GETTR.”

Miller told Pool that Guo doesn’t have any “direct financial or leadership role within the company” but admitted that he is one of the investors in the company and that the platform has a “heavy influence from Miles’s family foundation.” He also confirmed that he is often given ideas by Miles, but insisted that he wasn’t his boss.

The problem with that is a recent leak of WhatsApp messages that were obtained by far-left news outlet Mother Jones seem to show that Guo does have substantial influence over the platform. Perhaps more influence than Miller has let on.

In the messages, Guo and Miller talk about his recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Miller was criticized for the platform combining Twitter and GETTR followers on the platform when transferring accounts to the new app.

Guo was seen in the messages telling Miller that Rogan is a “big help” to them and that they are friends.

“We don’t want to do any bad things to this guy. We need to respect him. Just explain to him what happened…we solve the misunderstanding…we must keep it gentleman-style. No fight back. We are friends. We need to respect him he said.”

When Miller agreed, Guo said, “that’s why I love you. You’re a 100 percent gentleman.”

That’s not that bad, but it’s his subsequent comments that seem to indicate that perhaps Miller is being used as a front for Guo.

“That’s why you have the extremely enemy. Miles Guo is too many enemy, Steven Bannon too many enemy. We are easy create the enemy…that’s our trouble…we need to learn from you…That’s why you good CEO in GETTR,” he wrote.

It seems to suggest that perhaps Miller is a front man for Guo, and that he’s not really the one pulling the strings.

What do you think? And do you care if Guo, who is opposed to the Chinese Communist Party, has some influence over the platform?