Geraldo Rivera Announces Return To Television

Geraldo Rivera Back on TV – Appears on The View

On July 10, 2023, ousted Fox News journalist Geraldo Rivera made a Twitter post announcing his return to television on The View. Rivera was fired from Fox News around the end of June 2023 where he was the liberal voice on The Five and Hannity. He was with Fox for about twenty years before being cut from the network.

Several commented on the post that Rivera would be more “at home” and “belong” on The View since the talk-show features far-left content and opinion. 

On July 13, 2023, Rivera made his first appearance on The View. When questioned about his departure from Fox, he indicated that a “toxic” relationship with a co-worker was to blame but would not identify the person. After being pressed further by Sara Haines, Rivera let slip that “he” (referring to the co-worker) was always favored. Behar picked up on the use of the pronoun immediately. 

Joy Behar then questioned him further about the drama surrounding his exit from Fox and he replied that when he was fired from The Five, he was told by executives that he could participate in other ways to finish out the year and a half left on his contract. Eighty-year-old Rivera chose to leave instead. 

There was a strained moment between Rivera and Behar during a discussion about former President Donald Trump. Rivera commented on his belief that Donald Trump receiving a pardon from President Joe Biden would help everyone “come together again” and that even though people don’t want to admit it, Trump had a “good presidency”. Behar and Whoopi Goldberg strongly disagreed. Rivera then mentioned his time on television with Donald Trump on the show Celebrity Apprentice. Rivera said there was a time on the show when Trump could have fired him but did not. Behar strongly asserted that concerns involving Donald Trump are about the country and not about Rivera personally. Rivera apologized as the episode came to a tense ending.