Georgia Prisoner Commits Murder-Suicide with Kitchen Employee

In Glennville, Georgia, a prison inmate killed himself and a worker at the prison in a murder suicide. At Smith State Prison, the incident occurred on early Sunday morning on June 16th. The inmate Jaydrekus Hart shot a food service worker employed by Aramark while working in the kitchen. How the inmate gained the possession of firearm is unclear. The worker was a 24 year old black woman named Aureon Grace, a resident of Statesboro. The inmate turned and shot himself shortly after committing the heinous act but did not immediately die. He was transported to a hospital where he later expired. After an investigation, a personal relationship was discovered to have existed between the two people. A suicide note was also discovered. Hart been committing in a 20 year sentence for voluntary manslaughter and could have faced a maximum release date of June 2043. 

Unfortunately, murder suicide is a common occurrence, even outside state prisons or the incarceration system. In St. Johns County, Florida, Shawn and Andrea Yarbrough, a married couple, were both located in a deceased manner in their residence in June prior to Father’s Day weekend. After an investigation, it was determined that Mrs. Yarbrough was killed by Mr. Yarbrough, who utilized a firearm before taking his own life. Their four children now have no parents. In a shocking occurrence, neighbors claimed that the couple was seen earlier in the week amicably perusing the neighborhood streets. Mr. Yarbrough was a Fire Lieutenant. 

Back in the state of Georgia, in the area of Powder Springs, another murder suicide occurred. Law enforcement officials identified a couple that died in a similar incident in their residence. Family and friends, as usual, claimed they could not have anticipated the occurrence. The two individuals were aged 38 and 36. Norotious Brown, the male, has been suspected of carrying out the act. The couple’s three children are going to live with their uncle.