George W. Bush Pushes For Amnesty For Illegals

( On Friday, former President George W. Bush revealed just how different a leader he was from President Donald Trump, urging Americans to get on board with granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the United States.

It’s a huge departure from the Republican Party’s line that illegal aliens, who are breaking the law the moment they illegally cross the border, should not be rewarded with citizenship.

“Americans who favor a path to citizenship for those brought here as children, known as ‘dreamers,’ are not advocating open borders,” President Bush wrongly claimed.

How does America have borders if anybody can cross the border and obtain citizenship?

Bush made the false and dangerous claims during an op-ed for the Washington Post, and it’s particularly badly timed. President Joe Biden admitted over the weekend, for the first time, that the situation on the border now constitutes a crisis – and President Bush’s push for amnesty offers greater incentives for illegal aliens to storm the border with their children.

The number of illegal aliens apprehended while crossing the border in March rose to 170,000, and the Biden administration last month signed an $86 million deal with Arizona and Texas hotels to provide free accommodation to those caught crossing the border.

Just how many more might make the dangerous journey over the border now that high-profile Republicans are even advocating for amnesty?

The former president referred to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program implemented under the Obama administration and said that a permanent amnesty for recipients should be made available for those who qualify. He said that illegal aliens covered under DACA were “fundamentally American,” but didn’t explain how.

“They ought not be punished for choices made by their parents,” Bush added.

President Donald Trump was widely understood to be using DACA as a possible negotiating tool with the Democrats when he was repeatedly denied funding to begin constructing his border wall.

In 2019, when it became increasingly clear that President Trump wouldn’t be backing down on DACA, The Blaze published an article describing how the president had the power to end judicial amnesty immediately and immediately remove anybody in the country illegally.

“In 1996, sensing a growing trend of litigation against deportations, Congress clarified unambiguously in The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (“IIRIRA 96”) that any illegal not seeking discretionary relief of asylum must be immediately placed into “expedited removal” unless he or she has a claim of being a citizen or holding a green card. Section 235(b)(1)(A)(i)(iii) of the Immigration and Nationality Act stipulates that whenever an immigration officer determines that an alien is inadmissible, ‘the officer shall order the alien removed from the United States without further hearing or review unless the alien indicates either an intention to apply for asylum under section 1158 of this title or a fear of persecution,’” the outlet reported.

President Trump didn’t have the time to take action during his administration, and with President Bush and establishment Republicans on the side of the Democrats, we should probably expect illegal aliens to be granted yet more rights over the next four years.