George W. Bush Falls For Media’s Trap

( Former Republican President George W. Bush has done the media rounds recently, promoting his new book, “Out of Many, One.”

It’s remarkable just how much coverage the former president is receiving from the mainstream press – notably, positive coverage – given how badly left-wing activists and commentators treated him during his eight years in office. President Bush was regularly derided as stupid and racist, but now that the left hates Trump even more, the establishment Republican figure is enjoying the limelight.

And during two major network news interviews, hosts failed to ask the former president what he thinks about President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

Even as the southern border crisis worsens, with as many as 170,000 illegal aliens being apprehended by border agents last month, Norah O’Donnell of CBS and Hoda Kotb of NBS both failed to ask him what he thought about Biden’s handling of the crisis – and instead asked him about his disagreement with former President Trump.

“Why can’t we get this right?” Kotb asked on Tuesday.

And without even mentioning how President Joe Biden caused this crisis by reversing Trump-era immigration policies, former President Bush said that the border is “overwhelmed right now” and must be “reformed and fixed.”

Nobody mentioned that the system didn’t need to be “reformed and fixed” when President Trump was in charge.

President Bush said that there is a “real shortage of manpower and focus down there,” but didn’t once mention that Vice President Kamala Harris – who was appointed the border czar by President Joe Biden – hasn’t done anything to tackle the crisis since being tasked with solving the problem.

Then, speaking to O’Donnell, Biden wasn’t mentioned once when the topic of the border came up.

The interview was even published on YouTube with the fawning title, “George W. Bush on painting a new vision of immigrants.”

O’Donnell said about illegal immigration, “it’s been 15 years. Still nothing’s been done.”

She was wrong, of course, because illegal immigration dropped to record lows under the Trump administration. And Bush didn’t call our her lie.

“No, a lot of executive orders, but all that means is that Congress isn’t doing its job,” the former president added.