George Soros Makes Massive Donation To Democrat Propaganda School

( Far-left disruptor, investor, and billionaire George Soros has given an incredible $500 million endowment to renowned left-wing university Bard College in New York. The university announced the huge donation from Soros, who has long supported the university.

It’s the biggest grant ever made to a university in the United States and will be used to build on Bard’s social initiatives – meaning left-wing causes.

Bard is somewhat notorious in New York. It sits near towns like Red Hook and Rhinebeck, which are traditionally more Republican working towns that have slowly been transformed by left-wing students invading the region and turning it into a hipster paradise. Rhinebeck has seen most of the transformation but other smaller towns are now seeing an influx of left-wing students.

Drive through the small working towns in the picturesque landscapes surrounding Bard, and you’ll notice LGBT and trans flags hanging from windows, along with BLM murals and posters.

George Soros really does just love causing total disruption and chaos, doesn’t he?

Bard College President Leon Botstein said it’s the “most historic moment” since the college was founded in 1860. He explained that once the endowment is complete, they will have raised a total of $1 billion from various other donations. He added that it will allow Bard to continue to play a “progressive role in American education.”

If you’ve never heard of Bard, it’s a liberal arts school that focuses heavily on the “liberal” side of the equation.

Soros made the donation through his Open Society University Network, which is a global network of schools that promote far-left views of the world. The billionaire investor issued a statement saying that Bard has an “outsized impact” and that it is “setting the standard” in liberal arts educations through its various social programs and international work.