George Soros Is One Of Stacey Abrams’ Biggest Donors

( Ultra-liberal Stacey Abrams is running for governor again in Georgia, after narrowly losing to incumbent Governor Brian Kemp four years ago.

This time around, her campaign is raking in the donations from some of the mega donors to the Democratic Party who aren’t always focused on Georgia politics. According to election filings that were reviewed by Fox News Digital, some of the large contributors to Abrams’ campaign are Steven Spielberg, a director of Hollywood films, and George Soros, a billionaire who supports many liberal campaigns.

That information was contained within filings that were reported by One Georgia Inc., a leadership committee associated with Abrams. Under the state’s law, that group is able to bring in an unlimited amount of donations, which has led to some truly huge donations coming in from mega donors.

Just a small group of these mega donors — which include a group of celebrities — has contributed more than $8.4 million to the leadership committee that supports Abrams.

The Democracy PAC II, led by Soros, sent a total of $2.5 million to Abrams’ campaign — $1 million back in March and then $1.5 million in June. Another $2.5 million was donated by Karla Jurvetson, who is considered a progressive donor andactivist.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Donald Sussman also gave $1 million to Abrams’ committee.

Spielberg as well as Katie Capshaw, his wife, donated $50,000 each on June 13, as did JJ Abrams, another Hollywood director.

Actors Chuck Lorre, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ed Helms donated $25,000, while Bryan Cranston and Lance Bass donated $10,000. Rita Wilson and her husband Tom Hands donated $5,500, while Barbara Streisand gave $1,500.

One of the other major donors to the political committee that backs Abrams is Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of social media platform LinkedIn, who gave $400,000. And Bill Gates’ ex-wife Melinda Gates gave $200,000.

Hoffman and Soros are the two biggest financial supporters of a media company that was started recently with the singular purpose of fighting “disinformation” on behalf of Democrats.

While One Georgia Inc. is a major supporter of Abrams now, they were forced to suspend their fundraising operations on her behalf back in April. A federal judge ruled that month the committee had to stop doing so until Abrams was able to officially win the Democratic nomination, which happened in May. She ran unopposed for the nomination, but needed to have it made official before the committee could raise money for her gubernatorial campaign.

Last week, Abrams released data that showed that, combined, One Georgia Inc. and her campaign as a whole raised $21.8 million in May and June. That left them with $18.5 million in cash available to them to use.

As for Kemp and the Georgians First committee, they raised a combined $6.8 million in those two months, and had $6.4 million of cash on hand.

The big tilt toward Abrams in donations may not make a difference, though, and it points out who’s really behind her campaign. As Tate Mitchell, Kemp’s campaign spokesman, said:

“Far-left radicals from across the country are bankrolling Stacey Abrams’ campaign to bring the failed agenda of D.C. Democrats to Georgia. Abrams and her liberal allies can — and will — continue to outraise and outspend our campaign, but we will continue to run on Governor Kemp’s record of putting Georgians first and securing historic economic success for our state.”