George Soros Group Was Giving Government CRT Training

( The federal government has received “racial equity” training from two George Soros-funded organizations that aim to integrate CRT into the federal bureaucracy. The Department of Housing and Urban Development was the main topic of the course (HUD).

According to information published by Breitbart News, a strategy to permanently ingrain critical race theory in the federal government was developed by Race Forward, a Soros-funded nonprofit. The Soros-funded group links professional success to ideological conformity and places CRT adherents in prominent positions to “change agencies and the entire federal government.”

The group has already collaborated with the federal government to provide bureaucrats with critical race theory training.

Race Forward and a partner organization named Policy Link issued a document titled “Partnering with Federal Agencies to Advance Racial Equity” that describes the collaboration between the left-wing NGOs and our federal government.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, which strives to foster globalism and leftism, funds PolicyLink and RaceForward. According to Race Forward, critical race theory is taught in American schools, which argues that “this attack against Critical Race Theory is part of a broad, concerted attempt to prevent a multiracial democracy.”

In the fall and winter of 2021 and 2022, “PolicyLink and Race Forward co-led a Racial Equity Governing Pilot Project with federal agencies,” according to the statement. Additionally, it states, “This paper addresses key aspects of these collaboration pilots and lessons to enable the federal government’s longer-term objectives to become effectively anti-racist.”

The report stated that the “government has a key role to play in the nation’s racial equity reckoning.”
According to the report, Biden’s “Advancing Racial Equity” executive order from the start of his administration “has resulted in the development of racial equity action plans across 90 federal agencies.”

Moreover, it stated that the executive order “signaled a promising shift in the federal government’s understanding of its power to realize the aspirations of racial equity” and demonstrated that the federal government was prepared to “transform governing systems and structures to become antiracist and equitable.”

Reorienting policy and practice across all agencies and offices to be actively antiracist will be nonlinear, adaptive work. The Biden-Harris administration’s executive order on racial equity aims to institutionalize Critical Race Relations (CRT) in the federal government.