George Soros Allies Using Bitcoin To Target U.S. Dollar

( Far-left agitator and billionaire investor George Soros famously made a fortune when he held a short position of over $10 million worth of the British Pound Sterling, and now, according to a new report, he’s taking an interest in Bitcoin too.

Dawn Fitzpatrick, the Soros Fund Management chief information officer, said that Bitcoin was previously considered a fringe asset but that with the inflation of the U.S. dollar, that situation has changed.

“We think the whole infrastructure around crypto is really interesting, and we’ve been making some investments into that infrastructure — and we think that is at an inflection point,” Fitzpatrick told Bloomberg.

The discussion with the media outlet focused on how fiat inflation has seen the U.S. dollar supply increase by 25% over the last year, contributing to the Soros fund’s change in heart over cryptocurrency.

“I think when it comes to crypto generally, we’re at a really important moment in time, in that, something like Bitcoin might have stayed a fringe asset, but for the fact that, over the last 12 months, we’ve increased money supply in the U.S. by 25%,” she continued.

In March, the Soros Fund made two major investments in crypto operations, investing in Lukka, a crypto accounting firm, which raised $53 million this month, and investing into part of a $200 million funding round for NYDIG.

If Soros is taking crypto seriously, it’s probably worth taking it seriously.

Fitzpatrick told Bitcoin about the concerns surrounding fiat inflation on the U.S. dollar.

“So there’s a real fear of debasing fiat currencies,” she said, before describing Bitcoin as more of a commodity.

“But it’s a commodity that’s easily storable, easily transferable,” she said.

Soros might be an extremist who uses his wealth to fund radical left-wing activity, but he’s rich for a reason.

If George Soros is investing in Bitcoin…are you?