Gavin Newsom Offers Bribes To People For Getting Vaxxed

( Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom faced criticism last week when it was revealed that lower-middle-class Californians were effectively being bribed with cash to take the COVID-19 vaccine. It follows a year of scandals for Governor Newsom, who not only forced one of the strictest lockdowns on the people of his state, but was caught breaking his own rules when he attended a friend’s birthday party indoors at a fancy restaurant…without a mask.

On Thursday, Newsom publicized a massive $116.5 million giveaway to California residents who chose to take the vaccine. It will be distributed in lump sums of $15 million for 10 winners, with those people selected on June 5.

After shutting down his economy for a year, causing millions of people to lose their jobs, and hurting businesses, is it right for Newsom to now dangle money in front of his residents and force them to get the vaccine to have a chance of winning it?

$50,000 cash prizes will also be handed out to additional winners between June 4 and 11.

The prize draw isn’t very far away, meaning Newsom clearly believes he can make real progress in getting millions more people vaccinated over the space of a week. He will also include people who have already taken the vaccine in the lottery.

It’s all very well and good if you’re happy to take the vaccine, but many Americans have fears about taking the jab and would rather wait and see if there are any long term effects to be concerned about.

This massive prize may be enough to unfairly make people take the jab despite their concerns.

Oh, and the next 2 million people who get vaccinated will also receive $50.

Do you think this is right?