“Friends” Producer Stands By All White Casting Amid Liberal Attacks

(JustPatriots.com)- It was only a matter of time before the far left and the Democrats went after hit 90s TV show “Friends” for having an all-white cast – and all it took was a long-awaited reunion show featuring all main members of the cast for the wokerati to unleash is visceral hatred.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Executive Producer of Friends, Kevin Bright, refused to give in to the Black Lives Matter and Antifa extremists who want to rewrite history and eradicate white people from television.

“The chemistry between these six actors speaks for itself,” he said about the show, before asking, “what can I say? I wish Lisa was black?”

Bright was referring to Lisa Kudrow, the actress behind the beloved character Phoebe.

Referencing co-creator Marta Kauffman, he said that he knows Martina feels differently about the experience – and she does. Sadly, Kauffman wasn’t as brave as Bright in defending the show, and said that there are probably “a hundred things” that she would have done differently about the show.

If she’d have known that in 20 years she’d be hounded by far-left extremists for not making the show diverse enough…

She told the Hollywood Reporter that she has strong feelings about the show, and said there was a lot she “didn’t know” at the time.

Bright appears to be a rare breed among those who have participated in some way in the show. David Schwimmer, the actor who played Ross, previously told The Guardian that he doesn’t like that Friends was an all-white cast and even once suggested that there should be a re-make of the show featuring an all-Asian or all-Black cast.

What is wrong with these people?

Friends is one of the most popular TV comedy shows of all times, and the recent two-hour special brought all the main characters back together to talk about their experiences filming the show.