Freedom Caucus Calls On McCarthy To Have Nancy Pelosi Removed From Power

( After Speaker Nancy Pelosi vetoed two of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks for the partisan January 6 select committee, the conservative House Freedom Caucus sent a letter to McCarthy urging him to attempt to boot Pelosi from the speakership on July 31.

Of course the likelihood that this amounts to anything is pretty much zero.

Even if McCarthy agrees to their request to get the ball rolling and set up a privileged motion to oust Pelosi, there is no possibility it will go anywhere. Democrats control the House and Pelosi controls what happens in the House.

While the letter might suggest that Republicans are growing fed up with Pelosi, that isn’t exactly new. Republicans have been fed up with Nancy Pelosi since the first time she took the gavel back in January 2007.

There are definitely valid reasons for wanting to wrest the gavel out of Pelosi’s cold, withered hand. Between her imperious control over the partisan select committee and her authoritarian mandates during and even after the COVID pandemic, Pelosi’s current tenure as House Speaker has been entirely undemocratic, not to mention unconstitutional.

As the Freedom Caucus pointed out in their letter, instituting “proxy voting” during the pandemic was unconstitutional.

But this plan will go nowhere.

Republicans’ time would be better spent openly fighting back against Pelosi rather than wasting their time on useless procedures they have no hope of moving forward. Fighting back in front of the cameras would be far more effective than writing letters that go nowhere.

As radio host Jesse Kelly often points out, Republicans would be smart to take a page out of Pelosi’s book. Never back down. Never apologize. And never go on defense. Instead, stake out a narrative and fight like hell to advance it.

While Republicans write letters, Pelosi and the rest of the House Democrats are busy smearing them as “traitors” who were “complicit” in an “armed” “insurrection.” It doesn’t take a political genius to know which tactic will get more attention from both the media and the public.

Until Republicans start fighting with the same never-say-die fervor of Pelosi and the Democrats, they will continue losing every battle.