France’s Secret Service Insider Reveals Mass Migration Problem

( France’s former head of the secret service revealed that mass migration is the singular issue facing the country that “threatens civil peace,” according to Summit News. The comments were made during a speech to the Gaullist Amicale of the Senate by Pierre Brochand.

Brochand, the former director of the General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) between 2002 and 2008, said that mass migration had “a cross-cutting impact on all of our collective life, which I consider to be generally negative.”

However, he noted that immigration was not inherently evil, but said that the type of mass migration of the last 50 years is subjecting France to becoming a third-world country, where “education, productivity, public services, safety, and civility” are going backward.

Brochand also pushed back on French President Emmanuel Macron’s narrative that mass immigration has always been the country’s “normal.” He said that in the one thousand years from the Carolingians to Napoleon III, there was no immigration, but that in the 1970s, France saw immigrants from “failing societies” pouring into their country.

He said that 25 times more Muslims are living in France than there were in the 1960s, saying that one must have a “hummingbird’s brain” to believe that the ancient rivalry between Muslims and Christians will not detonate.

To combat this rise, Brochand called for France to slash immigration by at least 10 times, student visas by 300%, and all welfare payments to foreigners to be eliminated.

One of France’s greatest authors, Michel Houellebecq, said that the country will be “swept away” by mass immigration, adding that he was shocked that the “great replacement” theory is treated as a conspiracy.

It was recently revealed after the murder of a 12-year-old girl in Paris by an Algerian migrant residing in the country illegally that just .2% of illegal Algerians are deported.

A poll conducted in April 2021 showed that the majority of French citizens thought a civil war was likely following the attacks on French identity.