Fox Star Mark Levin Says Government Is Coming After You Using Your Money

( During a recent episode of “LevinTV” on The Blaze, host Mark Levin warned that the Democrats are using taxpayer money to destroy former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Levin played a clip of January 6 committee member Jamie Raskin’s recent appearance on MSNBC when he told host Mehdi Hasan that, unlike last year’s Senate impeachment trial against former President Trump that was just about Trump, the mandate of the January 6 committee is “much more sweeping.”

Raskin claimed the 3-hour riot at the Capitol was a “violent insurrection of domestic violent extremist, white nationalist groups.” He called it a “presidential coup” against Vice President Mike Pence and Congress, and vowed that the committee would “tell the story of each dimension of this attack on American democracy.”

That’s laying it on a bit thick. Then again, the January 6 Select Committee isn’t a congressional investigation so much as it is a Democrat midterm campaign operation.

Blasting Raskin’s remarks, Levin said the Democrats are openly admitting that they want to get Trump indicted as a way to prevent him from being able to run for office again. He expressed disgust at “the smirks” on the Democrats’ “already smirk-like faces” when they boast about their plans.

Then Levin went through Raskin’s claims point-by-point, exposing every lie.

He then wrapped up the segment by warning that the Democrats will go after anybody for anything they want before referring them to the Justice Department for an indictment. And the partisan DOJ “will go after them if they don’t submit.”

Levin called the whole witch hunt a “disgrace,” adding that this is exactly “what the framers of the Constitution rejected.”

Watch the segment from “LevinTV” HERE.