Fox News Star Starts Cursing While Attacking Unvaccinated Americans

( Geraldo Rivera is pretty well known on Fox News. He’s by no means popular for the same reason that Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson is, though. Instead of being known as a populist news anchor who stands up to authoritarians in government, he’s widely understood to be an apologist for big government.

As the token “liberal” on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” it probably won’t come as a surprise to you if we told you that he recently freaked out on the show and began swearing about people who don’t want to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Seemingly failing to understand why people aren’t happy for big government to tell them what to put in their bodies, Rivera people should “get the damn vaccine” because they don’t have a right to put his family in danger.


If his family is vaccinated, then how are the unvaccinated putting his family in danger? Is this a vaccine or not?

During the show, which you can see a section of here, Rivera attempted to defend President Joe Biden’s unprecedented and extremist decision to bypass American law and force businesses all over the country with more than 100 employees to force those employees to take the vaccine. The rule affects more than 80 million Americans and could see millions, or tens of millions, of Americans left without work in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis.

Rivera said that Biden decided he needed to take difficult action to “curb an emergency” that has taken more lives than the American civil war.

He didn’t, however, explain what about the pandemic makes it appropriate for the government to tell businesses to discriminate against their employees.

He also claimed, bizarrely, that there is “long-settled law” in the United States of America that freedom cannot infringe on his family’s health, before making a highly subjective and arguably inaccurate argument that his family was being put at risk by people who don’t have the vaccine.

Rivera ended by saying Americans “have no right to make a decision that negatively impacts [his] family.”

The audacity this man has.

Perhaps he should exercise his own freedom to isolate from the rest of the country if he is so scared of a virus that he says he is vaccinated against.