Fox News Star Says It’s Time For Andrew Cuomo To “Go”

( Janice Dean, the well-known senior meteorologist on Fox News, has hit out at disgraced Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, describing him as a “monster” who deserves to lose his position. It comes after an independent investigation determined that Cuomo had illegally sexually harassed as many as 11 women.

Dean has more reason to be angry with Cuomo, too. This is the second scandal for the New York governor to inexplicably survive (at least for now,) after sending thousands of COVID-19 patients into the state’s nursing homes, resulting in the deaths of untold thousands of elderly Americans. Dean lost both of her in-laws to the virus and has repeatedly said that Cuomo was responsible.

Dean said that she has always said she doesn’t care what brings Cuomo down – she just wants him to go.

“Please don’t forget our loved ones that are no longer with us to testify,” she added in a post on Twitter.

Dean’s two in-laws were married for 59 years and were residents of Brooklyn for much of their lives. When her father-in-law became sick in late March with the virus, he died just weeks later. Then, two weeks after he died, her mother-in-law also caught the virus while living at a retirement facility. She died later in the hospital.

They may not have caught the virus if Cuomo had not issued an order to send COVID-19 patients into assisted living facilities, where some of the most vulnerable people in the state were living.

We don’t know how many people have died in assisted living facilities as a result of Cuomo’s order, but a report from Attorney General Letitia Games’ office revealed that the official number had been undercounted by 50%. Officially, the number of people who died of COVID in nursing homes has increased to 12,743, but who really knows at this point?