Fox News Star Reports “Special Place In Hell” For People Like Sunny Hostin

After The View co-host Sunny Hostin attacked white women for allegedly backing the patriarchy, Fox Business anchor Kennedy claimed there is a “special place in Hell” for women who reject other women.

Hostin said white women safeguard the patriarchy and follow in line with their conservative husbands’ voting choices.  

According to Hostin, not only did white women own slaves, but it was her belief that women in general and Caucasian women especially wanted to preserve the status quo because of the advantages it provided them. 

Kennedy made a comment on Fox News Tonight in response to Hostin’s remarks, expressing sympathy for the women on The View and suggesting that being in close proximity to Whoopi Goldberg may have negative effects on their cognitive abilities. They may have inhaled too many fumes, which could have affected their brain cells.

Kennedy insulted Hostin by calling her a trashy person with trashy opinions and criticized her for shaming mothers who were trying their best to provide for their families. Kennedy also remarked about Hostin working in a “fart factory.”  She said she heard there was a place in Hell for women who don’t support other women.

In March, Sunny Hostin of The View downplayed the subject of Uyghur Muslim internment camps by claiming the United States incarcerates considerably more black people than China does.

Hostin claimed in 2021 that she was endangered by the sight of pro-Trump banners or any American flags flown on days other than July 4th.

Hostin expressed feeling threatened when she enters a neighborhood that is not predominantly military, and it is not July 4th, yet there are American flags, Trump flags, and flags with the stars in a circle everywhere. 

She said the message was easily understandable. The message promotes white supremacy. The message contains racism and pertains to their country, not mine. And I don’t comprehend why that would come with criticism.